1. 3 years ago 
    One of the best moments of my childhood

    This is one of the best moments of my childhood. Seriously seeing Goku’s first saiyan transformation is a highlight of my childhood :)

  2. 3 years ago 

    1 day, 6 hours and 5 minutes

    Its the time I have been up. This last 3 weeks of school has been really hell week for us, especially us juniors as we have multiple papers to finish, revised, improve and accomplish. I have never done this much paper work ever, juggling thesis, marketing plan, advertising plan and digital marketing plan along with the upcoming finals week and submission deadlines and final defenses. Truly this is the life of a student. Everybody shames the same stress and fatigue. Oh sembreak once you arrive I will go wherever I want. :)

  3. 3 years ago 

    Le Ching Restaurant

    Just ate at Le Ching Banawe my friends, *hell yeah was how I felt. I haven’t eaten this for while now. The last time I had my favorite Beef Brisket was a time I’d rather not talk about. Hakao, beef brisket hakao hakao and hakao. Hakao is the Steamed shrimp dumpling for a while now and the beef brisket is just heavenly. I have been eating at this restaurant with my family since I was around ten years old and until now still I love this it never gets old. this is one of my little happiness indeed.

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    Chillin’ with the bubbles on my drink

    It’s the best stress reliever when you go out just hangin’ with your friends not a single drop of alcohol just me, my family and this bubble tea is the best feeling. Priceless  and irreplaceable :) 

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    Internet Marketing Homework
  6. 3 years ago 

    Music is… what is music?

    Music, what is it? By the dictionary and other academic references music is: “The art or science of combining vocal or instrumental sounds (or both) to produce beauty of form, harmony, and expression of emotion” but to us, The normal persons not the democrats. What is it?

    What is Music? what does it do? how does it affect us? thus, here I start my personal definition/ meaning of this “MUSIC”

    Music is by any means a companion. Music it is there when you’re lonely, there when you need to celebrate. It is there, present in every film. beside you in every dream. Music is my soul’s link to my spirituality. Music has been there to accompany my every break-up. It has been there in my dullest moments, my rainy days and even those days when the sun shines the brightest. It is vital to my everyday. It is a basic necessity, who knows what might happen without it. Music is therapeutic and medical, in a sense it heals what’s inside, what not any medicine can really touch, the human emotion. Through the years has been and will always be one the gate passes that strikes directly the human emotion. A broken heart heeds a sad song. A joyous event needs an uplifting and joyful harmony. Music defines, it defines what the person is, how he/she is, and why he/she is…. indefinitely, Existing.

    In conclusion music is my spirit. It is who I am, what I listen to defines, ME. People have different taste in their music, there are who loves country, there are those who’s in to techno, junkies who loves rock or the peaceful ones who’s into classical. but whatever the sounds maybe, music is music. we are all connected as all genres are connected. Express yourself, don’t be scared it’s a variety pick everything you want and see for yourself your own playlist. you will see beyond the titles and artist, You will see who you are, just by staring at what you love to hear.

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    Life Quote:

    You can get anything you want, you just have to want it really bad

    - Juan “Lazy” Malaca III

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